top 10 TT in conformation as at Dec 18

here is the link to the top 10 TT in conformation as per BDIC or Canuckdogs

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7 Responses to top 10 TT in conformation as at Dec 18

  1. khoqeemo says:

    I wonder if anyone still does the stats for the number of TTs in the ring .
    The All Breeds system does not really reflect Breed stats . A dog (of any breed) can be ranked under the All Breeds system yet may never have beaten another dog (of the same breed) to earn that ranking .. It just seems weird to me that breed stats are not taken in to consideration .

  2. sensie01 says:

    If no still does the stats the only way to know is to go to the CKC web-site under show results and do it manually… I understand your concern and sure it will make more sense to get a ranking on how many TT were in the ring .

  3. khoqeemo says:

    The All Breeds system .. ( to me ) .. doesn’t necessarily mean that the top dog ( in any breed ) is really the best specimen … on the other hand that dog COULD actually be the best , most closely resembling the standard ..but without competition within the breed .. How would you know ??

    • Rhonda says:

      Unfortunately we don’t get much competition in the breed most of the time. You hope that someone will show…but it doesn’t happen that often from what I have experienced. I guess you can hope that if your TT has won the group or a BIS, he conforms to the standard quite well 🙂

  4. khoqeemo says:

    Years ago , Jo Hannam used to keep the TT stats ..she got them from a program that Barry Truax kept . I don’t know if that program is still around . The TT stats at one time were published on our website .

  5. sensie01 says:

    I think that the most TT shown in the ring this year where in Ontario and in Quebec.

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