Anecdote — Clever Girl!

Here I come, Mom!


10 1/2 years old, has a new smart trick.  It took me a while to figure out her scheming. She had been going to a far side of the fence in the snowy yard and BARKING.  At what?  She was out of sight from the deck door or windows. Probably not deer, since other dogs were calm .  In exasperation one day I opened the deck door and called Sassy, COME! To my considerable surprise she appeared swiftly at top of far deck steps and RAN to me at the door at the other end.  Heavens, what a good and quick ‘come’!   That deserved a treat!   I resumed what I’d been doing.  Soon distant barking began again.  It was Sassy ,with what  seemed a new bad habit.  What did she SEE out there?!  I repeated the Come /treat routine. Her instant response was gratifying.   I went back to my chores.  A few minutes later, she’s was doing it AGAIN.  OH, I finally GOT IT!  She was hurrying through the house to the dogdoor, exiting and continuing through the big yard to the same spot at the fence and starting to bark, ANTICIPATING that I would shout ‘come’, then she would obey and get a treat!  Clever little minx! 
  I  interrupted the pattern that day (had to close the dogdoor!)  but she has launched this routine every day since!  Today I snapped a photo of her running across the deck toward me {‘Here I come, Mom!  Get the treat ready!’)
  I have to admit that she’s been very clever!  The classic scenario of Who’s training Whom
  So I decided to write an anecdote for the Blog.

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1 Response to Anecdote — Clever Girl!

  1. chkhalahanrn says:

    Great story Penny! My two have tried to train me also but I have been a slow learner in their eyes. They do get a treat, randomly, for a prompt “come boys!” There are probably other tricks they have taught me that I haven’t caught on to yet. Clever little beasties. Just be happy the reat of your pack hasn’t caught on yet or you will have an assembly line out the door, back to the fence, up the deck and in the door. Nice picture!

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