Grooming Questions & Tips?!

New category just added to our Blog… “Grooming“!  (Thank you to Nikki Sinclair for the great suggestion!)

As we all know, hair care is a major part of owning a TT.  Whether it’s a full coat we’re tending to, or a simple puppy cut…it all takes some kind of effort to achieve a matt-free, shiny finish.

Use this section for questions, tips and thoughts about things like grooming, brushes, shampoos, conditioners, …the list goes on!

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7 Responses to Grooming Questions & Tips?!

  1. Nikki Sinclair says:

    Thanks very much , Sue for adding this to the Blog. I would certainly love to know what shampoos, conditioners and other products people use to keep their TTs looking gorgeous. I was reading about Laser Lites conditioner and Silk additive the other day and was wondering if anyone had used it and whether it really does work well for TTs.

    • Claire Mathieu says:

      I did use once the Laser Lites products (conditioner/shampoo) and it was not very good for my 2 TTs especially Ray… since it is a left on conditioner Ray start scratching at one point I tought that he was allergic to something He has to be put on medication for alergie I stop using it and change to Oat meal shampoo and for conditioner I am using Coat Handler. For Ray it is working well since. In between show I am using when brushing Magic Touch #2
      At the dog show I am using Pure Paw products (finishing Spay) for the Static.
      For Sensei since he is white/black boy I am using a whitening shampoo + Oat meal Shampoo and Coat handler conditioner. I got very good result with these products.

      • khoqeemo says:

        I used to use Laser Lites conditioner with the silk additive . I still use their finishing/ grooming spray ( when I can find it ) .
        I did not like their shampoo and actually found that I needed a “heavier” conditioner for most of the coats around here so have changed and had good results with Groomer’s Edge Ultimate Shampoo . I use Groomer’s Edge “The Solution” conditioner . I too use Crown Royal #2 for between bath groomings .

  2. pennypublowwhite says:

    I forget how to comment, but here goes…. re. shampoo and condtioners etc. This topic is like ‘what dogfood do you prefer?’ Ask ten dogpeople. get ten answers. I believe the coat products topic is the same. There are many factors. Type of coat, quality of water, frequency of bathing etc. etc. I read previous posts, and to illustrate my point, I greatly admire Ray’s coat (Claire M’s boy) but I hate Coat Handlers conditioner, though I used it years ago with different dogs, different water, and so on. I have current preferences in shampoo and conditioner, am unsure if there’s a point in listing them. Every TT owner will have a DIFFERENT favourite, and they will all be correct if they ‘work’ for you and if you like the look of your TT’s coat. I could write further thoughts if desired…

  3. khoqeemo says:

    Penny is quite right .. water conditions do affect products differently . As a “for instance” , I bought Plush Puppy shampoo and conditioner … the conditoner formed little pellets when diluted in the water here . I tried bottled water and it did not form the pellets . It’s a lovely conditioner but I don’t think I should have to buy water to use it ! So I am back to using a basic shampoo and two different conditioners depending on the coat.

  4. Glenn C. says:

    Kashmir seems to do best with Plush Puppy, whilst Khalahan seems best on Laser Lites and Vellus. I agree that you have to try different products, coats react differently even with the same water. With Laser lites conditioners the concentration is critical. Rinsing again and again and again is important to get all the shampoo out.

  5. Sonam Kushner says:

    I use No # All Systems Conditioner, after human MOP organic lemongrass shampoo!

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