Just for fun…

Since we could never afford to purchase one of these, we jumped on the opportunity to test out the Fit Fur Life Treadmill at “Pet Fun Fest” in Downsview Park, Toronto.  (February 13, 2011)  Mojo seemed to like it!!

Anyone out there use a treadmill with their TT’s?

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4 Responses to Just for fun…

  1. chkhalahanrn says:

    We have one for the boys, their reviews are mixed. They like it a lot when it isn’t plugged in – nice bed! Thanks Dad.

  2. Sally Mieske says:

    I certainly don’t need a treadmill, I just open the door and out fly Flash the T.T. and Graham the PBGV, where do they get the energy?
    Where to most people shop for their dog show equipment? I just bought a new grooming table and Oster dryer from Pet Edge, but would prefer a Can. source if I could find one comparable in price. My old table and dryer are over 25 yrs old and I thought a new breed deserves new show equipment(at least :)).

    • Glenn Connell says:

      We have bought most of our products and equipment at shows. If you still need some suggestions I can let you know. Unfortunately shipping costs will make some products pretty expensive from Ontario. (I think)

  3. pbgvtwo says:

    Thanks Glenn. I am ordering from the states at the moment so it is already pretty expensive to ship. They are so much cheaper it is still adventageous to buy from Pet Edge. I was hoping there was somewhere in Canada I had not heard of yet that was comparable when I add cost, shipping,broker fees, tax etc.. I have tried Pet supply but still too expensive. If you know of anywhere I would appreciate a link.

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