Spring Newsletter – Call for submissions!

Good afternoon TTCC Members!

Just a little reminder that the deadline for submissions to the Spring Newsletter is aproaching!

Your newsletter is only as interesting and vivid as the material with which we are provided.

Goal for publishing: April 26 – 29
Deadline for submissions: April 24th.

Here are suggested categories: for Noticeboard (litter news or achievement ‘brag’ or introduction of a new puppy or adult TT who has joined your household), a book review, a health topic, a letter or comment ‘to the editor’, i.e. intended for us all, a caring-for TTs ‘tip’ — some tactic or equipment or product that is working well for you — a Smile, photographic or verbal, canine ‘literature’ or poetry, details about upcoming events, the sky’s the limit, ANY NEW category would be welcome.

Please send submissions, questions or suggestions to:

Penny White

Thank you!

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