2011 TTCC National Specialty

2011 TTCC National Specialty
Balgonie, Saskatchewan
(16 miles east of Regina, SK)
September 15th, around 7:00 pm

Judge for sweeps: Penny Lewis
Judge for regular and non-regular classes: Avery Gaudin

Our national specialty will be held during the evening of the 15th. We will be able to set up early that day and get ready for an evening of TT fun and excitement.

Due to the time of the specialty, the show committee has decided to hold a Wine and Cheese gathering after the judging is completed. Please come and join us celebrate our wonderful breed, meet old friends and make new ones.

It would please the show committee if you would let us know if you are planning to attend so we have enough Wine and Cheese to go around.

At this time, we have trophy pledges for Best Puppy and Winners bitch. I know our club is small but I am sure we can all pitch in and choose an award you would like to support. You can contact Rhonda Bailey at adominos@telus.net to reserve your pledge. Please let us know as soon as possible. A list of the amounts will be supplied in this Gazette later on.

We are also offering raffle tickets for a limited edition silver TT pin. This pin was designed and created by a local artist in Calgary. When I say limited, I mean there are only two in existence and one is available to a lucky raffle ticket winner. There will be a sheet of tickets attached in this newsletter for you to fill out and send to the Prairie director, Rhonda Bailey. Tickets are $5 for one ticket or $20 for five tickets. It is much easier to send $20 and a full sheet of tickets so please support this fundraiser. A number of tickets were sold at the US national, so lets not let our Southern friends out support us.

The official name of the all breed show that is allowing us to host our specialty with them is the “Prairie Canine Academy”. There are three days of all breed shows…with two shows per day for a total of 6 shows.

These are limited entry shows, which allow only 250 dogs (in this case) to enter. Once that limit is reached, no more entries will be allowed. These shows can be entered online at: www.thedogshow.ca as well as a toll Free fax at: 1-877-99-ENTRY (36879). There is a fee associated will all credit card entries so mail them in early if you want to avoid this fee.

Entries close on August 31st, 9pm or when the 250-dog limit is reached. The all breed judges are: Rich Fehler, Doug Gaudin, Fred Dewsbury, Larry Kereluke, Jan Bucanan and Robert Dawson.

These shows are September 16th-18th and will be held indoors. All 6 shows will offer Best Baby in Show (4-6 months), Best Veteran in Show, Best Juvenile in Show (12-18 months), and Best Bred By in Show in addition to the regular awards. This sounds like it will be a lot of fun. Jr. Handling will be held on Saturday during the lunch break.

Benching is reserved with a charge. It is $15 without power and $35 with power. Mention you want to be benched in the TT area and the club will group us all together.

There are a few hotels but a local exhibitor recommends the Comfort Inn as there are grassy areas available.

Their phone number is 1-306-789-5522. A number of other hotels are available and can be found in the premium list on the Canuck dogs website under the “Prairies” section.  Check out the premium list for more information.

Don’t forget the Wine and Cheese Thursday night after the specialty. It would also be nice to arrange a dinner one night during the all breed shows if people are interested. Let me know if you are coming to the show at adominos@telus.net.

Rhonda Bailey/Pat Delorme – TTCC committee

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