2012 Summer Newsletter – Call for submissions!

The SUMMER issue will be assembled around the end of August and published in early September!

It will feature our August National Specialty in Brockville!

DEADLINE: Let’s make it August 28, ten days after the Specialty, by which time hopefully the winners will have rec’d their Show Pics and duly emailed them to me! Major winners pics will be included, and some sort of collage(s) will be prepared. (That is assuming I RECEIVE good pics from amateur photographers who will be in Brockville!)

The Specialty aside — here are OTHER areas in which I hope to receive items:

  • Noticeboard! This is Show and Trial Season. I expect there will be new champions and titles to announce, and some otherwise Major Performance events about which to brag. As is customary, I will include a small photo of each TT.
  • Introduction of New TTs or New Puppies. (and a photo)
  • Nikki Sinclair welcomes entries for Sawyer’s Blog, for TTs BY TTs. See last issue and re-read the initial blogs.
  • Nikki also welcomes some TT Art Treasures described and photographed. Following the format in the spring issue, we suggest two per participating member.
  • Don’t forget categories of Humour, Smiles, TLC Tips, good ‘dog’ reading, club comments, expressions of concern or praise, whatever.  It’s YOUR newsletter. 🙂

Copy the deadline, please, and “Think Newsletter” as August winds down.

Hope to hear from you all soon!



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