2012 Summer Newsletter – Call for submissions!

The SUMMER issue will be assembled around the end of August and published in early September!

It will feature our August National Specialty in Brockville!

DEADLINE: Let’s make it August 28, ten days after the Specialty, by which time hopefully the winners will have rec’d their Show Pics and duly emailed them to me! Major winners pics will be included, and some sort of collage(s) will be prepared. (That is assuming I RECEIVE good pics from amateur photographers who will be in Brockville!)

The Specialty aside — here are OTHER areas in which I hope to receive items:

  • Noticeboard! This is Show and Trial Season. I expect there will be new champions and titles to announce, and some otherwise Major Performance events about which to brag. As is customary, I will include a small photo of each TT.
  • Introduction of New TTs or New Puppies. (and a photo)
  • Nikki Sinclair welcomes entries for Sawyer’s Blog, for TTs BY TTs. See last issue and re-read the initial blogs.
  • Nikki also welcomes some TT Art Treasures described and photographed. Following the format in the spring issue, we suggest two per participating member.
  • Don’t forget categories of Humour, Smiles, TLC Tips, good ‘dog’ reading, club comments, expressions of concern or praise, whatever.¬† It’s YOUR newsletter. ūüôā

Copy the deadline, please, and “Think Newsletter” as August winds down.

Hope to hear from you all soon!



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TTCC Spring 2012 Newsletter – Call for Submissions!

Good afternoon TTCC Members!

Just a little reminder that the deadline for submissions to the Spring 2012 Newsletter is approaching!

Please check your email inboxes for a message from Penny outlining the suggested categories (ANY NEW category would be welcome) and deadline dates!

Your newsletter is only as interesting & vivid as the material with which we are provided.

Please send submissions, questions or suggestions to:

Penny White

Thank you!

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TTCC 2011 Christmas Contest — And the winner is….

2011 Christmas Photo Competition Winner!

“Lili” – Member: Daniele Richer Greenwood

Visit the contest page to view the winner, the honourable mentions & ALL of the adorable entries!


Congratulations to all our winners and a big ‚Äėthank you‚Äô to everyone who entered.

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TTCC 2011 Christmas Contest!

Send your cute Christmas Tibetan Terrier photos to newsletter editor Penny White. Winners will be selected by a non-partisan panel of judges, and the winner and three runners-up will be included in the January Newsletter. Maximum of three entries per TTCC member, but you can substitute photos if you’ve entered three pictures already and take or find a better one before the deadline.  No humans in pictures please; TTs only. All entries will be featured on the special Christmas contest webpage until the winners are selected.

Deadline for entries is January 15, 2012. Good luck!

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2011 TTCC National Specialty

2011 TTCC National Specialty
Balgonie, Saskatchewan
(16 miles east of Regina, SK)
September 15th, around 7:00 pm

Judge for sweeps: Penny Lewis
Judge for regular and non-regular classes: Avery Gaudin

Our national specialty will be held during the evening of the 15th. We will be able to set up early that day and get ready for an evening of TT fun and excitement.

Due to the time of the specialty, the show committee has decided to hold a Wine and Cheese gathering after the judging is completed. Please come and join us celebrate our wonderful breed, meet old friends and make new ones.

It would please the show committee if you would let us know if you are planning to attend so we have enough Wine and Cheese to go around. Continue reading

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COMING UP in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania!

Looking forward to hearing all about it & seeing lots of TT pictures!¬† Please don’t hesitate to share your stories & photos with the Notice Board upon your return.¬†

Tibetan Terrier World Congress 2011
Tibetan Terrier World Congress 2011


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Spring Newsletter – Call for submissions!

Good afternoon TTCC Members!

Just a little reminder that the deadline for submissions to the Spring Newsletter is aproaching!

Your newsletter is only as interesting and vivid as the material with which we are provided.

Goal for publishing: April 26 – 29
Deadline for submissions: April 24th.

Here are suggested categories: for Noticeboard (litter news or achievement ‘brag’ or introduction of a new puppy or adult TT who has joined your household), a book review, a health topic, a letter or comment ‘to the editor’, i.e. intended for us all, a caring-for TTs ‘tip’ — some tactic or equipment or product that is working well for you — a Smile, photographic or verbal, canine ‘literature’ or poetry, details about upcoming events, the sky’s the limit, ANY NEW category would be welcome.

Please send submissions, questions or suggestions to:

Penny White

Thank you!

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Just for fun…

Since we could never afford to purchase one of these, we jumped on the opportunity to¬†test out the Fit Fur Life Treadmill at “Pet Fun Fest” in¬†Downsview Park, Toronto.¬† (February 13, 2011)¬† Mojo seemed to like it!!

Anyone out there use a treadmill with their TT’s?

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Ruffles is Twenty!

Today, January 19th, honours a very special birthday.  Our wonderful boy Ruffles turns 20 years old!     He was my first dog since childhood, and I thank his breeder Joyce Ayotte for allowing me to take him home.
(See attached photo of the moment Ruffles and I met!)
I could write a novelette about all his happy years, and the immense significance of his arrival in our lives.  Who could have imagined how involved in TTs Penny would become?!  And it all started with the beautiful, loyal Ruffles.
To mark this milestone, Ron and I took him for a portrait sitting with Wendy Beard of Muddypawz.¬†¬† It was a challenge to photograph such a senior fellow.¬† Wendy got some fine shots, and provided the following site addresses where six of them can be seen in various ways of display .¬† Below is Wendy’s and my Invitation to enjoy a few Ruffles Photos.
Happy Birthday!   to CH Bootiff Ruffles of Kashmir, CGC, Agility Novice Jumper.
God bless my Grand Old Man.







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Grooming Questions & Tips?!

New category just added to our Blog… “Grooming“!¬† (Thank you to Nikki Sinclair for the great suggestion!)

As we all know, hair care is a major part of owning a TT.¬† Whether it’s a full coat we’re tending to, or a simple puppy cut…it all takes some kind of effort to achieve a matt-free, shiny finish.

Use this section for questions, tips and thoughts about things like grooming, brushes, shampoos, conditioners, …the list goes on!

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